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I have a single WAN (PPPoE) configured on my DSL router and all it works good having the default interface group and no VLAN configured.

Now I want to do some training with firewalls and I'd like to do it on a safe environment separated from the "home network".

Is it possible to creare an Interface group with LAN3 and LAN4 ethernet interface adding also the same WAN interface present on the default interface group and somehow "share" the internet service from this 2 interface groups (that I understad are basically bridge)?

I'd like to not have any firewall protection from the router on this "training network", leaving it on for the internal "home network"

Could someone suggest me an alternative way to do it using VLANS (I don't even know if that equipment it's tagging or not interface added to a VLAN…) or maybe it's sufficient to use the DMZ defining the destination IP as the inbound interface of the firewall…

I'm open to ideas and suggestions, any help will be appreciated.



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  • Liba
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    I think should be using a VLAN capable switch, not a router.

  • Peter2
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    I have two interface groups i think there is no possibility to configure ther firewall seperately .

    But you can configure a PC in the unsafe net as DMZ ?

  • cinnabartension

    @doodle baseball If your DSL router supports interface grouping, you can create a new interface group that includes LAN3, LAN4, and the WAN interface. 

  • grip
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    Thanks for the kind answers, but the only one that got near what I need is from @peter2 even if I don't know if it would fit the need to have a fully operational firewall (with NAT) and a working LAN behind it (nested NAT it's not the best I guess); the problem here is not divide the connection from a layer 2 perspective but if it's possible to configure something like "IP passthrough" or selectiveli disable firewalling only for an interface group or VLAN.

    btw this router VMG1312-T20B supports interface grouping and VLANs.

    Regards and thank you again for your help, it's really appreciated!

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