Nebula VPN with 2FA on Mac / performance and more

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We have migrated our network infrastructure to Zyxel / Nebula recently, partly to be able to use VPN with 2FA.

I have configured SecuExtender v and our USG Flex 500 for IPSec and L2TP. VPN over L2TP works, VPN over IPSec kind of.

First, we are not able to save user name / password for the IPSec connection.

Second, the 2FA screen does not open automatically, but my colleagues manually open the login page.

Third, performance is good with L2TP but very poor with IPSec. The download/upload numbers (all Mbps) from my home office are

  • without VPN: 375 / 51
  • with L2TP: 208 / 48
  • with IPSec: 4 / 11

Last but not least, I have enabled several notifications in the Alert Settings, but e.g. the VPN connection notification does not work.

Is any of this expected behaviour, or is there something we can do to improve especially speed but also the first two points?

I wish you a relaxing weekend!

Cheers Christian

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    Hi @CWP,

    Question1: we are not able to save user name / password for the IPSec connection.

    ⇒ You can click "Save" to save the username and password.

    Question 2: The 2FA screen does not open automatically.

    ⇒ The request is in the feature queue for implementation.

    Question 3 & 4: We will run some tests and update the status to you soon. Thanks!

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