How to Identify BSSID and IP Address for Each AP in a Network?

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In an enterprise environment, understanding the network configuration is crucial for maintaining a seamless connection for all devices. In this scenario, we'll focus on how to identify the BSSID and IP address for each access point in a Nebula Zyxel SSID network.

Topology and Scenario

Gateway --- Switch --- AP (IP, BSSIDs) ))) Clients


1. Use SSH to access the AP: command debug interface ifconfig. The login credentials is at Site-wide > Configure > Site settings > Local credentials.

2. Identify BSSID and IP for each BSSID by entering commands:

debug interface ifconfig

3. Look for IP address and wlan-x-y outputs (x: radio, y: SSID number).


You can use Wi-Fi scanning tool to check if the BSSIDs are match with the display.


Always verify the settings after configuration to ensure network integrity.