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Good morning,
I have a Zyxel 8825 located in an uninhabited house and I need to reach it remotely as the house is far from my normal home.
I enabled remote management but found that after a few days it no longer works.
I had to go to the house and discovered that all I had to do was restart it and the remote management started working again but only for a few days and then it stopped again and I had to go back to restart it again.
Now, there's no way this could happen. Why does remote management work for a day or two after rebooting and then stop working?
Basically I get the message that the IP address is no longer reachable.
I would like to point out that DDNS works perfectly as some cameras are connected to the Router and these always work and can be reached via DDNS. However, remote management via HTTPS stops working after a short time.
There appears to be a timer. Suggestions ?

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    Maybe you can try resetting to default settings and reconfigure.

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