How to enable the 6GHz radio of your Zyxel AP with Nebula mode

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As technology continues to advance, modern Wi-Fi networks now embrace additional frequency bands, including the 6GHz spectrum, providing enhanced bandwidth and accelerated network speeds. This guide is designed to assist you in configuring the 6GHz frequency band and establishing a successful connection.

Step 1: Verify 6GHz Service Availability in Your Country
Before proceeding, ensure that your country supports 6GHz services.

Step 2: Confirm Device Compatibility for 6GHz Wi-Fi
Verify that both your Access Point and the device you intend to connect to the 6GHz network support this frequency. Choose Wi-Fi 6e or higher products for your access point, such as NWA220-6E, WAX640S-6E, or WBE660S.
For connected devices, select those that support 6e or higher. Procduct Specifications may vary by region, so check the product's regional website for accurate information.

Step 3: Set Up the 6GHz SSID
Refer to the article to set up the ssid

Ensure that the SSID includes the 6GHz radio for optimal performance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of 6GHz speed.