How to effective management of AP for Nighttime Deactivation with Nebula?

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Efficient management of network resources is crucial, especially for wireless access. An important aspect of their management involves the ability to control their operational status, such as deactivating them during non-business hours for security and energy-saving purposes. This guide outlines the process of managing APs, focusing on nighttime deactivation.

Topology and Scenario

Gateway --- Switch --- APs ))) Clients


1. Go to Access Point > Configure > SSID Schedule.

Set SSID off times to disable WiFi module during those periods.

Reference for SSID scheduling:

2. For physical AP shutdown, consider PoE switch scheduling or a smart timer plug.


Check SSID schedule activation, expected outcome is SSID turns off at set times.


SSID scheduling only disables WiFi, not the entire AP.

No physical button on AP for direct shutdown.