[NEBULA] What happen if I change the device between two different sites?

IAMBug Posts: 9  Freshman Member
edited April 2021 in Nebula
If I run the device at Site 1 one week and then move them to Site 2.

Can I see the info(sush as event log...) when I choose the time during the device at site 1?
I am bug. :o


  • Zyxel_Dean
    Zyxel_Dean Posts: 243  Zyxel Employee
    Hi there IAMBug,
    Actually you cannot see it because your site will not have the entry of the device once you remove it.
    You can refer to this FAQ for more information. FAQ click here
  • IAMBug
    IAMBug Posts: 9  Freshman Member
    Wow! It's clear!

    Thanks! :+1:
    I am bug. :o

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