[Mobile router] What should I do if getting a weak cellular signal?

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1/ Identify the nearest cellular base stations and position your mobile router in their direction by the Zyxel Air app is a suggestion. It helps to assess signal strength in various areas of your environment. While the closest site or one with a direct line-of-sight often works best, this isn't always the case. Factors like terrain, interference, and network congestion can affect signal quality, so it is best to test towards more than one cellular site.

2/ Use the System Monitor > Cellular WAN Status tool in the Web Configurator to gauge the cellular network signal strength and quality in various positions. Before each test, reboot the mobile router to ensure it connects to the optimal cellular site, rather than staying connected to a previously used cellular site.

3/ While placing the mobile router at a higher location is generally beneficial, it's not a guaranteed solution. Sometimes, the router might be in a weak signal area at a certain height. Adjusting the height might to achieve the best service possible.


Cellular network signals and quality can fluctuate. A measurement taken now and a few moments later can differ substantially even if nothing apparent has changed – this can be due to many aspects, such as fading, reflections, interference, capacity due to high network traffic, and so on.

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