[Mobile router] How to resolve the issue of slow and intermittent Wi-Fi connection?

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To optimize the speed and quality of your Wi-Fi connection, you can:

  • Utilize the Zyxel Air app to assess signal strength in various areas of your environment. This will help you identify the most optimal location for your router.
  • Adjusting the orientation of the router can significantly improve signal reception.
  • Reduce Wi-Fi interference that may be caused by other Wi-Fi networks or surrounding wireless electronics such as cordless phones.
  • Place the mobile router where there are minimum obstacles (such as walls and ceilings) between the mobile router and the wireless client. Avoid placing the mobile router inside any type of box that might block Wi-Fi signals.
  • Move your Wi-Fi device closer to the mobile router if the signal strength is low.
  • Reduce the number of Wi-Fi clients connecting to the same mobile router simultaneously or add additional mobile routers if necessary.
  • Try closing some programs that use the Internet, especially peer-to-peer applications. If the Wi-Fi client is sending or receiving a lot of information, it may have too many programs open that use the Internet.


The following factors may cause interference:
• Obstacles: walls, ceilings, furniture, and so on.
• Building Materials: metal doors, aluminum studs.
• Electrical devices: microwaves, monitors, electric motors, cordless phones, and other Wi-Fi devices.

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