Why the Repeater AP offline intermittently when enabling the Wireless bridge?

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This article explains the workings of the smart mesh and wireless bridge mechanism.

If a repeater AP with wireless bridge enabled and connects to a root AP, the repeater AP will attempt to utilize the wireless bridge feature. However, due to the root AP's lack of wireless bridge feature support, the repeater AP will disconnect from it after each 30 minutes to search for other root APs that support wireless bridge.

If the repeater AP fails to find any wireless bridge feature support root APs in the current network environment, it will eventually reconnect to the original root AP. This process results in that the Repeater AP offline intermittently.

To avoid this, please disable the wireless bridge function if it is not required.

It's crucial to note that for the wireless bridge feature to work properly, both the root AP and the repeater AP must support the wireless bridge functionality. For information on which models support the wireless bridge feature, please consult the device function table.

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