Why Can't Zyxel AP Set WPA3 Personal Only Authentication?

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Zyxel AP currently do not support setting WPA3 Personal as the sole authentication method. This limitation is due to the implementation of the WPA3 transition mode feature. WPA3 is a newer security standard that provides enhanced security features.

However, not all client devices are capable of supporting WPA3 yet. To ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, Zyxel APs use a transition mode.

In transition mode, the AP creates two virtual access points (VAPs). One of these operates using the WPA3 standard, while the other uses WPA2 Personal. This dual-setup allows devices that are capable of supporting WPA3 to take advantage of its security benefits, while also providing backward compatibility for devices that only support WPA2.

This approach ensures that no device is left unable to connect due to incompatibility with WPA3. As a result, if you have a mixture of older and newer devices in your network, your Zyxel AP will still accommodate all of them efficiently.