How can I print vouchers with specific SSID name?

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With the introduction of the voucher UI SSID name printing feature in Nebula Control Center (NCC) version 17.30, users have enhanced flexibility in managing SSID vouchers. In scenarios where a site has multiple SSIDs, each with its unique name and voucher capability, this feature allows you to select the SSID name you wish to display on each printed voucher.

For a comprehensive guide on setting up a captive portal with the voucher, please refer to our detailed article.

To specifically print the SSID name on a voucher, navigate: Configure > Access points > SSID advance setting > Tick the box of “Print after created” and choose the SSID name.

You can view the selected SSID name for printing on the voucher in here.

Note that: The SSID column is just the note but not limit to this SSID. Voucher code can be authenticated for multiples SSIDs.

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