[Nebula] How to configure AP Grouping to increase the SSID number?

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AP grouping is a feature in Nebula that allows the creation of up to 24 distinct SSID profiles for efficient network management.


A typical use case is a shared office building, where the network infrastructure is managed by the building's MIS under a single Nebula site. This setup often includes multiple companies.


  • Enabling AP grouping

Navigate to Site-wide > Configure > Access points > AP & port setting > Enable AP grouping

  • Grouping the Access point

Navigate to Site-wide > Device > Access points > Organize your access points into groups as illustrated in the referenced image.

  • Assigning SSID Profiles to AP Groups

Navigate to Site-wide > Configure > Access points > SSID settings > Tag specific AP groups to associate them with respective SSID Profiles.

NCC will apply the designated SSID profiles to devices based on these tags.


  • The default maximum number of SSIDs per site is 8. This limit is set to simplify network management for most users. Situations requiring more than 8 SSIDs are less common and considered advanced applications.
  • An AP should not be in a group with more SSIDs than its maximum limit of 8. If attempted, a warning message will be displayed.

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