Zyxel EX3301-T0


Why can't I upgrade formware to the version found in the files EX3301-T0_5.50(ABVY.4)C0 ?

My current formware version is V5.50(ABVY.3.1)I0

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  • rycket
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    Firmware it skould be :)

    The message I receive is

    Image uploading failed. You may press 'Cancel' to upload another firmware image file, or press 'OK' to reboot to recover normal operation.

  • Peter2
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    You have a special branded firmware from your ISP so it dont works , and if your contract is actual with this ISP you may have no right to upload this original firmware at least you should contact your ISP before . Maybe its owned by your ISP too ?

    Otherwise you can try to upload the original firmware via ftp like this :


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