INVALID_PORTAL_SUCCESS_URL when creating or editing new SSID

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3 access points NWA1123ACv3 (fw: V6.40(ABVT.6) )
Android app version 17.30

and Nebula Cloud Portal on Windows 10 Chrome, Firefox and Brave Browser lastest versions.

error 1 (using android app):

When creating and saving a new SSID in my Android app i get the error message: INVALID_PORTAL_SUCCESS

When creating and saving a new SSID via webportal in Windows Chrome browser it is successful.

error 2 (using Windows browser):
when editing and saving advanced SSID settings in my Windows Chrome Browser and saving them i got the error message:

'There were errors in saving this configuration INVALID_PORTAL_SUCCESS_URL'

when editing and saving advanced SSID settings in my Android app it is successful.

How can i fix this problem?

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    Hi @Yeroon

    I have conducted tests using the NWA1123ACv3 with firmware version V6.40(ABVT.6) and successfully configured SSID through both the Nebula Mobile App and the Nebula Control Center without encountering any error messages.

    To assist you more effectively, we would appreciate it if you could enable Zyxel Support Access. Please also provide us with your Org/Site name and your Nebula login email via a private message. (I have just sent you the message).

    Besides, it is always recommended to upgrade to the latest firmware to ensure optimal performance and functionality of your devices.

    Zyxel Nami

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