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Zyxel Networks is excited to introduce Nebula AI, a powerful new tool designed to enhance the support experience for our Nebula Control Center (CC) users. This feature is entirely free for every organization registered on Nebula CC, reflecting our commitment to improving your network management without additional costs.

What is Nebula AI?

Nebula AI is an advanced artificial intelligence feature integrated within the Nebula Control Center platform. It leverages generative AI technology to understand and respond to customer inquiries effectively. By searching through our extensive database of FAQs and release notes, Nebula AI provides concise summaries and direct links to data sources, offering clear, actionable answers.

Note: Nebula AI is associated with generative AI technology, which strives for accuracy but may not always be 100% correct. As such, we recommend that users double-check the information if necessary to ensure it meets their specific requirements.

Key Features of Nebula AI:

  • Comprehensive AI Assistance: Every inquiry is treated as an independent event. Nebula AI delves into a wealth of information to find the most accurate and relevant answers to your questions.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilizing generative AI, Nebula AI summarizes the best information available, ensuring that you receive not just any answer, but the most informed one.
  • Direct Access to Information: After analyzing your query, Nebula AI offers direct links to FAQs and release notes, allowing you to explore the topics in detail.

Best Practices for Using Nebula AI

To get the most out of Nebula AI, it's important to provide complete and clear descriptions of your issues or questions. Here are a few tips for interacting with Nebula AI:

  • Detail is Key: Since Nebula AI does not have access to specific organizational details or previous interactions, providing a full context in every inquiry will lead to more accurate and useful responses.
  • Structured Questions: Clearly structured questions help Nebula AI to understand and address your needs more effectively.
  • Example:

❌ Instead of... "Voice VLAN"
Try this... "How to set up Voice VLAN on Nebula?"

❌ Instead of... "NAT rule"
✔ Try this... "I want to setup NAT rule on USG FLEX"

Getting Started

Nebula AI is available now on Nebula CC for all users at no extra cost. To start using this feature, simply log into your Nebula CC account, and you'll find Nebula AI ready to assist you. Just click the icon at the lower right and you'll find it.

Zyxel Networks continues to strive for innovation and customer satisfaction, and Nebula AI is part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best tools to manage your networks efficiently and effectively. Dive into the future of network management with Nebula AI—your 24/7 AI-powered support assistant!

Available list for every organization level:

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