How to update the firmware by FTP?

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Scenario :

Users typically use the Web-GUI to update the firewall firmware, but it's also possible to use FTP for firmware updates. This FAQ will guide you on how to execute this.

Answer :

Please prepare a PC to connect to the firewall's LAN port and obtain a DHCP IP (for example, the assigned DHCP IP is with the default gateway IP from the firewall. Then, open the Command Prompt and access the FTP server through the default gateway IP (, then upload the firmware .bin file (you can place the .bin file directly in the C:\ file path) to the firewall.


Connected to

220 FTP Server (VPN100) [::ffff:]

500 OPTS UTF8 not understood

User ( admin

331 Password required for admin

Password: (please enter the password)

230 User admin logged in

ftp> bin

200 Type set to I

ftp> put C:\537ABFV1ITS-24WK05s-r112483.bin

200 PORT command successful

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 537ABFV1ITS-24WK05s-r112483.bin

226-firmware verifying...

226-firmware updating...

226-Please Wait about 5 minutes!!

226-Do not poweroff or reset,

226-system will reboot automatically after finished updating.

226 Transfer complete.

ftp: 107629914 bytes sent in 2.45Seconds 43966.47Kbytes/sec.

Once the .bin file is successfully updated to the firewall, it will automatically reboot.