Securextender disconnecting after 20 sec of being disconnect


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  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    I would like to check the secuextender log on your computer, so please private message two files to me.
    After issue occur,
    1. Please Go to My PC>Local Disk C
    Collect "SecuExtenderHelper.log"
    2. and then Go to My PC>Local Disk C>Users>select the file of account which you login
    Collect "SecuExtender.log" 
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    Sent.  We have setup a PPTP VPN and it works with no issue.  SSLVPN works on Wired but not Wireless on the same Laptop.  Is there an updated version of SecuExtender Client?
  • Paluszak

    My customer using the ZYXEL USG220W-VPN SSL-VPN is having the exact same issue. When connected to SOME wireless networks, right upon connecting the VPN suddenly disconnects immediately (or within 30 seconds at the most), while on hard-wired or on most any other Wireless connection, the connection will stay connected for hours? Any ideas on this from ANYONE or ZYXEL support yet? They have the most recent firmware as well (V4.35(ABAR.2)). Please advise? We are using Dell XPS laptops. - Jason

  • kaestormy

    In our case it was HP Lan/wlan/wwan switch service running on the lapotps that wasn't seeing it as wifi. We disabled the service. We also added it to our GP policy as sometimes updates triggers it back to automatic.

    I hope this help you as this was horrible for a couple weeks as everyone was scrambling to find out the issue.



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    Hello @Paluszak, @kaestormy and everyone concerned,

    in case you did not notice so far I would like to share this also here as a possible reason for the disconnects:

    I hoe this helps!

    Best regards


  • Benjamin_H
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    Hello all,

    We encountered the same issue on some Dell laptops.

    We have solve the problem by uninstalling "Dell Optimizer" and "Dell Optimizer Core".

    Perhaps other brands are affected by this problem : search for a soft or a service "optimizing" the network connection, and disable it for test.

    Hope this helps !

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