How to set up Android 14 for L2TP via IPSec for ATP100



We use VPN on ATP100 using L2TP (IPSec). Everything still works on Android 12 and older. L2TP (IPSec) is no longer an option on Android 13 and 14. On Android 13 and 14, there is only IKEv2/lPSec MSCHAPv2, IKEv2/lPSec PSK and IKEv2/lPSec RSA.

Which option for Android 13/14 should we select from the image?

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  • PeterUK
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    You might have to setup without the use of quick start

    setup a Phase 1 Settings in VPN gateway with the following

    show advanced settings


    Domain Name / Ipv4

    set Pre-Shared Key

    Phase 1 settings

    AES128 SHA256

    key group DH14 (one some phones needs to be set higher)

    Phase 2 Setting VPN connection

    show advanced settings

    Remote Access (Server Role)

    select VPN gateway you made

    Local policy

    Configuration Payload setup IP range for VPN

    Phase 2 Setting

    AES128 SHA256

    PFS DH2

    set zone for the VPN

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    Hi @JanBab,

    Select "IKEv2 IPSec Client" and follow the guide in this FAQ to install StrongSwan on Andorid.

  • JanBab
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    When I start the setup wizard for "Remote Access VPN Setup - IKEv2" via Quick Setup, the message appears: "The Rule has been modified before. Do you want to change the VPN rule?
    Click Yes to change VPN rule through Wizard.
    Click No to exit the Remote Access VPN setup."
    Will the rule also change for "L2TP over IPSec Client"?

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