[NEBULA] How can I create a 30 minutes only guest account?

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Hello guys,
I can create account on cloud authentication page.
But how can I limit the account time to 30 mins? and when the account be calculated after creating?
May I know the time is calculating from created or logon?

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    Hi WebberIT,
    The setting to limit the account time is In the Cloud authentication page.
    After you click "+Add new user", there's a "Authorized" option for you to select.
    Choose "Yes" and a new field "Expire in" will be displayed
    Click "Change" and then you will be able to set a time in minutes as shown in the following picture:

    The time will start to count after you create the account, and it will be set as no authorized after the time expires.

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  • WebberIT
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    Thanks, I got it now.
    but it is weird that it doesn't start counting when user first login, at least thats what I thought.

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