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I'm looking at a new wireless solution for a client.  The system will for for Wireless Data but also for Voice.

Can you confirm if the nebula platform supports full WMM QOS and WMM Power Save Features.

We will be using 4 switch's and around 60 1123-ac-hd.

The specs for the access point does state support for WMM and WMM Powesave, however i cannot seems to find sections on the cloud portal to configure this.

Can you please also send me some configuration guides or examples for Voice


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    The Nebula AP is supported WMM by default as the requirement of the 802.11n standard, but not able to be configured.
    The Nebula switch can be configured the QoS for VoIP in Switch > Configure > Switch configuration > Quality of service and it's suggested to set on Nebula switch to get significant effects on QoS.

    For WMM powersave, it can be enable/disable in AP > Configure > Authentication > U-APSD.

    The last version of user guides are in Nebula Control Center > Help > online documentation.


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