What LED color will smart mesh repeater AP blinking when searching for the uplink signal?

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When we deploy a mesh network, after powering up the repeater in the selected place, there is nothing we can do but waiting it go online on NCC page. If the repeater stays offline, few information we can directly get to identify its status.

In firmware V6.60 above, a new LED pattern is designed when the Repeater AP which is looking for uplink signal. With this enhancement, user can identify the status of repeater AP more efficiently when they deploy their mesh network.

When repeater is searching for the uplink signal, its LED will blinking in light blue.

Topology and Scenario

Gateway --- Switch --- Root AP ))) Repeater AP


Setup smart mesh on Nebula and deploy repeater to non-wired location.


1. If the repeater AP keeps blinking between yellow and green, and never move to the blinking blue stage:

> The Mesh setting is probably off, please recommend customer to connect this AP back to wired cable, and make sure it goes online and shows up to date on NCC. And try it again.

2. If the repeater AP keeps blinking blue:

> Repeater AP cannot receive the signal from root AP. We should put the Repeater AP closer to Root AP.

> If this happens when root AP and repeater AP are close to each other, make sure both APs are registered in the same Nebula Organization. In addition, check event log of root AP to get more information about Smart Mesh connection process.

3. If the LED first blinking in blue for a while, and then keeps blinking between green and yellow:

> This means the repeater connects to root successfully, but then fails to connect back to NCC. We should turn to check any network setting causing repeater AP fail to establish connection with NCC.


Device should be updated to v6.60 or newer version