Removing ZTP mode from 5.37 patch 1 and up = realy bad


Hi, the choice to remove the ZTP mode for ATP and FLEX devices from 5.37 patch 1 and onward is realy bad.

This feature was very helpfull so junior engineers could deliver Firewalls to a location without having to config or access the firewall. The customer had an "out of the box" experiance and the firewall would "self configure" with a few easy steps by the junior enigneer.

Now we need to use the Native mode. A lot more settings need to be made, before the ATP is in Nebula.

And not to speak about the interface of the Nebula device enrollment. Once chosen for ZTP mode on a ATP (thinking it would be 5.37 p0) you can't change it back to Native mode. The option is grayed out. And no options can be found in the Organisation-wide menu for chaning it back (as some manuals tell us).

Please bring back the ZTP mode !!!

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    Hello @JoostGroot,

    In previous firmware versions, hybrid mode was supported for connecting the firewall online to the NCC server. Given that ZTP mode is considered legacy for bringing the firewall online, and native mode has proven to be more user-friendly, we have discontinued ZTP mode starting from version 5.37P1.

    Should you encounter any issues with connecting your firewall to the NCC server, we are more than happy to assist in resolving them.

    Share yours now!


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    Pitty, Native mode needs more user interaction on-prem before the firewall is active. So switching a ATP for an old USG takes a little longer. But we will manage.

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