Enhancing Network Performance with Security Router Traffic Shaping

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Enhancing Network Performance with Security Router Traffic Shaping

In the latest January update, Zyxel Networks introduced an innovative feature to its security routers - USG Lite 60: Application Traffic Shaping. This addition offers unprecedented control over bandwidth allocation at a granular level. Here's an in-depth look at how this feature works and how you can leverage it to optimize your network's performance.

Application Traffic Shaping allows for the creation of up to 40 distinct profiles. These are divided into two categories: 10 manual profiles that administrators can configure as needed, and 30 profiles automatically generated based on application usage data. This distinction ensures flexibility and automated efficiency in managing network resources.

How It Works

The essence of traffic shaping with Zyxel's security routers lies in creating profiles that specify which clients can use certain applications and how much bandwidth they're allocated. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

  • Profile Creation: Administrators can add clients to a list, specify one or more applications these clients can access, and set download and upload limits for these applications.
  • Bandwidth Allocation: In an example scenario, you might have four clients with access to two applications, each capped at a 10 Mbps download limit. It's important to note that this limit is shared among all specified clients and applications, promoting efficient bandwidth usage without exceeding the set threshold.

Practical Applications

Consider a scenario where Client A and B are allocated 5 Mbps for using Facebook, while Clients C and D can use YouTube with a cap of 10 Mbps. This flexibility allows for prioritizing bandwidth based on organizational needs and application criticality.

Application Capability

While the security router's application block feature supports blocking up to 50 different applications, the Application Traffic Shaping feature focuses on the 24 most commonly used applications. This curated list ensures that traffic shaping is both practical and relevant to most users' needs. Should there be a need for shaping traffic for an application not on the list, users are encouraged to submit a feature request/idea.

Shared Bandwidth and Rate Limiting

A key aspect of Zyxel's traffic shaping is the shared bandwidth model. All clients and applications specified in a rule share the set download and upload limits. This model is clarified under the application traffic shaping settings, ensuring users are well-informed of how bandwidth allocation works.

Moreover, administrators can set rate limits for specific applications directly from the application usage page. This feature supports rate limiting for the same 24 applications, allowing for precise control over how much bandwidth each application can consume. However, any changes to these rate limits can only be made from the application usage page, emphasizing a streamlined management process.


Zyxel Networks' Application Traffic Shaping feature brings a new level of control and efficiency to network management. By allowing administrators to specify bandwidth allocation for clients and applications, organizations can ensure optimal network performance and prioritize bandwidth for critical applications. As we continue to enhance our security routers, we look forward to feedback from our beta testers to make our solutions even better.