Zyxel Networks Announces Minor Enhancements to Security Appliances

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Zyxel Networks Announces Minor Enhancements to Security Appliances

Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of networking devices, is excited to announce a series of minor enhancements to our security appliances. These updates aim to improve functionality and user experience across various product series. Here’s an overview of the enhancements and how they apply to our security router and firewall products.

Comprehensive Enhancements Across All Security Appliances - Privilege Adjustment for Remote Management

The first enhancement in this series is a significant update to administrative privileges for remote SSH and remote configuration tools. Previously, only owners and administrators with delegated authority could utilize these tools on firewalls with monitor mode. With the introduction of firmware version 17.30, org-wide full administrators will also gain access to these vital live tools, enhancing the flexibility and management capabilities for all users.

Exclusive Promotional Period for H Series Firewalls

In a strategic move to encourage the use of live tools, Zyxel will offer a promotional period for the H series firewalls. During this time, the remote SSH and remote configuration option will be available for free as part of the base pack. This promotion aims to enhance user experience and will last until October 2024. It's important to note that this offer is exclusive to the H series due to its lack of a trial version available for other series, such as the USD flex in monitor mode, which benefits from the Gold Security Pack trial.

Model-Specific Enhancements: SCR 60AX vs. SCR 50AXE

The SCR 60AX and SCR 50AXE models have received targeted enhancements to address specific user needs:

  • SCR 60AX Improvements: The SCR 60AX model introduces a new behavior for blocking clients, where blocked wireless clients cannot connect to any SSID across the network. This model also adds support for DHCP option 60 under WAN interface settings but does not include PPPoE events options for connection trigger and PPPoE pass-through. These changes aim to provide more robust security and network management options.

  • Continued Support for SCR 50AXE: The SCR 50AXE model will maintain its existing features, including IGMP proxy support, ensuring that users of this model continue to enjoy a stable and reliable networking experience.

Enhancements to Application Management

A noteworthy enhancement for the SCR 60AX model involves the ability to manually add clients or entire subnets to the application block list. This new feature provides administrators with greater control over network traffic management, allowing for preemptive action against potential security threats.

Ongoing Efforts to Harmonize Feature Sets

It’s important to acknowledge the challenges in aligning the feature sets between different models, particularly between the SCR 50AXE and SCR 60AX. Zyxel is committed to minimizing these gaps and ensuring that all our security appliances offer a cohesive and efficient user experience. Our development teams are actively working to enable feature parity across models, striving for uniformity in the capabilities of our security solutions.

Zyxel Networks remains dedicated to enhancing the security, functionality, and manageability of our products. These minor enhancements are part of our ongoing effort to ensure that our customers have access to the most reliable and advanced networking solutions. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to innovate and improve our product offerings.