How to secure an outdoor AP?

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You've successfully integrated a USG FLEX 100, a GS1920-24 switch, and several NWA210AX access points to extend your Wi-Fi coverage, including adding an Outdoor AP to reach your garden. The prospect of someone tampering with the Outdoor AP, potentially by disconnecting it and directly connecting a laptop to your network, raises legitimate security concerns.


To address the risk of unauthorized physical access to your Outdoor AP, consider implementing the following security measures:

Method 1: Configuration on AP

You can refer to establishing the Smart mesh (as the wireless connection mechanism to Outdoor AP connects to NWA210AX) for your network, so there is no Ethernet cable outdoor.

Method 2: Configuration on firewall

You can refer to Captive portal feature. When opening the browser and trying to surf the internet, client will be redirected to the login page and must verify the authentication to access the network and use internet services.


These security measures can be adapted for use with various Zyxel models.

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