What device information can I find directly from the site-wide topology?

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Click a Nebula Device node to view detailed Nebula Device information in the General tab. In the General tab of the Nebula dashboard, users can perform several actions and view important information related to Nebula Devices. These include:

  • Click the edit icon next to the device name to edit the device name.
  • Monitoring CPU and memory usage with percentages displayed.
  • Checking the firmware status and updating if necessary.
  • Activating the LOCATOR LED for APs to locate the device location.
  • Establishing a remote connection to the device by specifying the port number.
  • Rebooting the device if needed.
  • Viewing the percentage of PoE power usage and total power capacity for switches.
  • Viewing WAN usage for security appliances, with transmission speed on the y-axis and time period on the x-axis.

Like the figure below: