Some Zyxel ONT PMG5617GA is entering to Not Registering status after OLT reboots

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Good day

Our organization uses Zyxel OLT1408A-C, with the current ZyNOS F/W ver is V4.02(ABJC.3)_220113, in some locations. It works correctly and good, but there are some problems:

  1. Some GPON ONTs are entering to OOS-NR(Not-Registered) status after OLT is rebooted. We cannot solve this problem, but if ONT is hard resetted by customers, they are returning to their normal status. However, this action cannot help always. The quantity of this kind of ONTs I attached to this post.
  2. Next problem is that, after the OSPF protocol was configured on this equipmet, we noticed an unusual situation: OLT restarts by itself, like we have noticed it by logs of equipment and Zabbix. Screen of log messages is attached also.

I hope you can help us. Thanks for your attention and help.

Ziyod Sodiqov

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  • Hi Ziyod,

    Those question are so technical it need ZYXEL support team to analyze it, could you asking help from ZYXEL local support team?

  • Ziyod
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    Hi Mario

    Thanks for your response, I'll try to ask from ZYXEL Support team. Have a nice day

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