How do I configure my Zyxel AP to send logs to a Syslog server?

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Configuring your Zyxel Access Point to send logs to a Syslog server can be accomplished through the AP's web GUI. This process allows you to specify the server's IP address, select the log format, and set the log level. Here's how to do it:

[This example uses the NWA50AX model]

Path: Configuration > Log & Report > Log Setting

  1. Activate Remote Server
    Select the specified Remote Server and Activate it by clicking on the bulb icon.
  2. Select Log Format
    There are two options:
    1. VRPT/Syslog: Zyxel’s Vantage Report, syslog-compatible format.
    2. CEF/Syslog: Common Event Format, syslog-compatible format.
  3. Specify Syslog Server
    Enter the server name or the IP address of the syslog server to which to send log information. For this example, use ''.
  4. Configure Log Categories
    Use the Selection drop-down list to adjust the log settings for all categories.
    1. Disable all logs: do not send any logs to the remote server.
    2. Enable normal logs: send regular log messages and alerts for all categories.
    3. Enable normal logs and debug logs: send log messages, alerts, and debugging information for all categories.
  5. Adjust per Category
    For each Log Category, decide the level of detail you want to log:
    1. Disable all logs (red X): no logging for this category.
    2. Enable normal logs (green checkmark): log regular information and alerts from this category.
    3. Enable normal logs and debug logs (yellow check mark): log regular information, alerts, and debugging information from this category.
  6. Save Your Configuration
    Click OK to save and apply your changes

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