modem and Zytel switch seem to have same address

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when it comes to networking, I understand almost nothing. When I input my switch IP address into browser I get login screen for modem. Kindly help, as I can do NOTHING with the Xytel switch now. Thanks

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    Hi @PRL ,

    1. If DHCP is not activating on your modem, there are two primary methods to resolve the problem:

    Method 1: Using ZON Utility to configure IP settings

    Method 2: Isolates the switch

    • Disconnect the switch from the modem to isolates the switch.
    • Consult the relevant FAQ section for guidance on how to assign a static IP address to your PC, ensuring it is in the same subnet as your switch's IP. Setting a static IP address for your PC to access your AP — Zyxel Community
    • After setting a static IP on your PC, and RESET the switch, use your web browser to navigate to the switch's default IP address (e.g., to access the login screen.

    2. If DHCP is functioning correctly with your modem, you should:

    • Log into your modem's GUI.
    • Check the DHCP table to find out the IP address assigned to your switch.
    • Enter this IP address into your web browser to reach the switch's login screen.