How to upgrade switch firmware via FTP?

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Firmware upgrades are essential for maintaining the performance, security, and stability of network switches. While there are various methods available for upgrading firmware, including through the switch’s web configurator, ZON utility, and Nebula Cloud, this guide focuses on upgrading firmware to a switch using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Step-by-step Guidance

Step 1: Before initiating the firmware upgrade process, ensure that your PC is connected to the same subnet as the switch. This ensures seamless communication during the FTP transfer.

Step 2: Open Windows Command Prompt on your PC, type the following command to connect to the switch via FTP and transfer the firmware.bin file.

C:\>ftp <switch’s IP address>
User: admin
Password: <login password>
ftp> put <drag your firmware.bin file here> ras-0
ftp> bye

Step 3: After successfully transferring the firmware.bin file to the switch, reboot the switch manually to initiate the firmware upgrade process. This ensures that the switch applies the newly transferred firmware.