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hi there,

one of our customers (he owns a restaurant) wants a captive portal with "click to continue" behavior but with a mandatory field, where users MUST enter the e-mail-address in order to use the free wifi. he then wants to export the mail-addresses to use them for mailings.

is there any chance to get this? i know, he could call his website-guy to let him build a custom portal on the company-website, but if such a feature would be available within the nsg/nap it would be great.

the complete user-registration on the default-captive portal is to complicated for "drive by clients".

cheers from austria


  • Zyxel_Freda
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    The customer can use sign-on with Facebook in AP > Configure > Authentication > Network access > Captive portal.

    After the client login and access the wireless, their mail account will be logged and the customer can get the mail list by "email report" in AP > Monitor > Summary report.

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    Hello @HansU
    You can find click to continue in NSG, navigate to Configure>Captive portal, click change setting.

    Redirect to the configuration page, believe it is what you want. B)

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    I think @HansU main goal is to find a way to record the email address of people using the free WiFi. 
    This is quite common marketing practice!

    @Nebula_Freda 's idea to use Facebook login is interesting. This prevents people accessing the wifi from using bogus email addresses.

  • HansU
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    sorry for my late response and thanks @Nebula_Freda for your idea. i'll talk with the customer about thist option.

  • I have noticed that the Facebook login works nice if the FB user has NOT activated 2FA (2 factor authentication). The moment you click the login button move to FB portal, enter your email and password, the extra screen for the codeword is popping up. But when you then open your 2FA code generation, your login is gone and you have to start over, but then your code is outdated. Only by switching off 2FA you can allow FB login.

    This means the captive portal with FB login is restricting users to get access....Not good.

    Additionally when using the FB login, I need to enter my email/password, although the FB app is open on my iPhone. Why not opening my FB app immediately.
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    It is possible to obtain the code from Facebook App.

    But you will need to tap "Cancel" after the window pop-up for 5 seconds first then select "Use Without Internet".

    This allows the iPhone to stay connected with your AP while you browse the facebook App for the code.
    Afterwards, just open Safari, browse any URL, and that should bring you to the Facebook login page.
    Because the Facebook uses web browser authentication, it's not working to use app.

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