How can I remotely connect to my Nebula AP using SSH?

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Path: Nebula Control Center > Devices > Access points > select specified AP > scroll down to see Live tool

With the 'Remote SSH' option, you can establish a remote SSH connection to your Nebula AP by specifying the service port number and follow below steps:

  1. Click Establish
  2. Click OK
  3. Copy the remote SSH link that has been successfully generated.
  4. Open a terminal application such as Tera Term or Putty, paste the SSH link and adjust the TCP port as 22
  5. Click the Continue button in Tera Term.
  6. Enter the device's credentials, including the username and password (use the Nebula Site's password)
  7. Use the remote SSH feature.


  • Nebula Pro Pack feature
  • This feature is available to the organization owner, organization administrators with full privileges, and site administrators with full privileges.

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