Unable to connect USG FLEX 200 to Nebula Control Center

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I have a USG FLEX 200 firewall that I want to register on Nebula control center. I followed the instructions on the Zyxel community, but the device is not showing as connected on NCC. The device is connected to the internet and is passing traffic.

I checked the firmware version on the device and it is 5.37 P2 DogLikesBest. I read that ZIP mode is removed from 5.37 P1 and above, so I tried to use the native mode instead. However, I still cannot get the device to connect to NCC.

Can anyone help me with this issue? Is there a way to downgrade the firmware to 5.37 or another solution? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @Stephen378Baker,

    Please try to downgrade the firmware to V5.37.C0, and then run the ZTP again to provision to NCC. The firmware is provided in the PM.

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