GS1920-24hpv2 problem with VoIP/Vlan


Hello everyone, sorry for my English.
I installed a gs1920-24hpv2 switch like this:

  • Port 24 Data Trunk (VLAN 1)
  • Port 23 Voice Trunk (VLAN 20)
  • VLAN 1 Data, all ports, except 24, have been set untagged
  • VLAN 20 Voice, all ports tagged except 24 and 23
  • I excluded port 23 from VLAN 1 and set it to untagged 20
  • Port 23 is connected to the voice port router
  • Port 24 is connected to the data port router

For Cisco VoIP phones, I set VLAN 20 for the network port, PC port VLAN 1
Phone connected to any port of the switch is assigned the IP 192.168.2.x
On the phone, PC port, I connect a PC, it is assigned the IP address 192.168.0.x
Everything works well except that, every now and then, the "call forwarding" symbol disappears on some phones, or the time is not synchronized well, or while they are on a call, they no longer hear.
Speaking with the provider, which would be Vodafone, there are no problems for them and indeed they detect "errors" on the switch side. What can I check to see if there are actually problems or errors?
The phones are poe and are powered by the switch. I put the power supply on the phones that experience these malfunctions the most, but
It didn't help, every now and then they show up anyway.

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