Can I mesh DX3301-TO and two EX3301-T0s?

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Hi there.

I have a DX3301 that is connected to my DSL line and is bringing broadband into my home. I have a couple of second hand EX3301 routers, and would like to mesh them with the DX3301 to defeat dead spots around the place.

I've tried the MeshPro app to do it, with an EX3301 in the same room as the DX3301 but after I press the WPS button on the EX3301 the app times out without meshing it to the DX3301. All the routers have the MPro Mesh switch switched on.

Is this possible please? How would I do it?

Many thanks,


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    It seems they are similar models and maybe cannot mesh them.

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    I am trying to do the same with 2 router EX3301, could you do it? I am having some problem to connect this router. I am using ethernet to connect router 1 with 2, but not sure if i should use wan or lan port.

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