Understanding about Organization service operation

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In the Nebula control center, an organization-wide service is defined by a service that requires all devices in the Nebula organization should have this license type active. This organization-wide service includes the Nebula Plus Pack and Nebula Professional Pack.

The graph represents the status of the organization in the span of 20 months.

At the beginning, we see that an access point with a 1-year Pro Pack bundled license was added in the Nebula organization. Because the organization only has one access point with the PRO license, the organization is upgraded to Nebula PRO status.

And let’s say that on the 4th month, another access point was added with the same 1-year bundled license. By the 12th month, the license on the first AP should expire if no additional purchases were made. This causes the organization status to downgrade back to BASE status. even though the 2nd access point’s license is still active.

In summary, if you plan to operate your Nebula organization utilizing the organization service, it is crucial to ensure that each device is equipped with an active license.

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