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Dear Zyxel,
i have an issue with the power line extender. it drops all the network done
I'm using to communicate between Multicast (port) service and IPTV box. when i connected the switch get haung and i have to reconfig and all the network drop down antil i dessconnect the switch

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    @ geometry dash scratch

    I think you can try testing without the switch. Disconnect the switch from the network and connect the power line extender directly to the Multicast service and IPTV box. Verify if the network connectivity and Multicast service work properly without the switch connected. This will help isolate if the issue is specific to the switch or if it's related to the power line extender or other components.

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    Which model you are mention?

    Device is not able to run expectly after reset, try on different environment may help to know what would be the issue.

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