How to bulk register devices in Nebula?

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As a network administrator, you might find yourself needing to add several devices to your network simultaneously, rather than individually adding them through the Nebula mobile app with device QR code scanning or the "Add" button on the Nebula portal. This guide provides an efficient method for bulk registration.


Case 1: Bulk Registering Devices to a Nebula Organization:

  • Navigate to Organization-wide > License & inventory > Devices tab
  • Click on the template link to download the Excel template.
  • Fill out the Excel file with the device’s MAC address, Serial Number, and Name. Note: Up to 100 devices can be added at once. The MAC Address format should be either AA:BB:CC:00:11:22 or AABBCC001122.
  • Return to the Nebula portal, and select "Import" to upload the filled Excel file.
  • The interface will display the status of each device. Here, you can adjust device information or remove any device by clicking the Delete icon.
  • Once all devices are correctly listed, click the "Next" button.
  • Decide whether to upgrade the firmware at this time by choosing Yes or No, then click Finish.

Case 2: Bulk Registering Devices to a Nebula Site:

  • Follow the path: Site-wide > Devices > Access Points.
  • Proceed with the steps as outlined above for organization-wide device registration.


This process simplifies the addition of multiple devices to your Nebula network, saving time and ensuring efficient network expansion.

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