EX3301-T0 Unable to Access Internal Services from External Source

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I've just had fibre broadband installed with a Zyxel EX3301-T0 router installed.

How do you go about allowing access to certain ports for internal services I have set up from the outside world?

I've had a look at Port Forwarding and setting up Protocols/Rules but I still can't get access to my internal services either via DNS or IP.

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    I faced same issue sometime time ago. For this I followed below steps you can also check them.

    1. Access Router Interface: Open a web browser and enter the router's IP address to access its interface. Usually, it's something like Login using your credentials.
    2. Locate Port Forwarding Settings: Look for the Port Forwarding or NAT (Network Address Translation) section in the router settings. It might be under Advanced Settings or Firewall options.
    3. Add Port Forwarding Rule: Click on the option to add a new port forwarding rule. You'll need to specify the service/application name, the internal IP address of the device hosting the service, and the ports to be opened.
    4. Specify Ports and Protocol: Enter the port numbers and the protocol (TCP, UDP, or both) used by your internal service. For example, for a web server, you might forward port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).
    5. Save Settings: After entering all the details, save the settings. The router might need to reboot for the changes to take effect.
    6. Test Access: Once the router has restarted, you can test access from an external network using either the public IP address of your router or your domain name (if you have DNS configured). Try accessing your service using the specified port number
    7. Troubleshoot: If you still can't access your service, double-check the port forwarding rules for accuracy. Ensure your internal device's firewall isn't blocking incoming connections on the specified ports.
    8. Dynamic DNS (Optional): If your public IP address is dynamic, consider setting up Dynamic DNS (DDNS) on your router. This allows you to access your services using a domain name that automatically updates with your changing IP address.

    While I also faced this issue while installing my fm whatsapp.

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