Introducing Scheduled Reboot for AP and Mobile Routers: A Step Towards Enhanced Efficiency

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Introducing Scheduled Reboot for AP and Mobile Routers: A Step Towards Enhanced Efficiency

In our continuous effort to innovate and respond to customer feedback, Zyxel Networks is excited to announce the introduction of the Scheduled Reboot feature for Access Points (AP) and Mobile Routers (MR). This new functionality underscores our commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet the needs of our users but also enhance the overall performance and reliability of their networking devices.

Why Schedule Reboots?

The genesis of the Scheduled Reboot feature can be traced back to two primary motivations:

Customer Requests

Our decision to implement a Scheduled Reboot option stems from a common request among our customer base. A significant number of users believe in the revitalizing effect a reboot can have on the efficiency of their network systems. This practice is predicated on the idea that network devices, much like any technological tool, can benefit from a fresh start to operate at peak efficiency.

Technological Necessity

Beyond customer requests, there's a technical impetus behind the Scheduled Reboot feature. Certain Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as IPTVs and IP phones, may occasionally lose their connection to the network. A scheduled reboot ensures these devices can re-establish a "fresh" connection, thus minimizing downtime and enhancing the user experience.

Implementing Scheduled Reboots

Zyxel Networks has made scheduling reboots straightforward, with options available through both the Nebula Control Center (NCC) and directly on the device through the local web Graphical User Interface (GUI). This flexibility allows users to tailor reboot schedules to the specific needs of their networks, ensuring optimal performance without manual intervention.

Via the Nebula Control Center (NCC)

Users can schedule reboots by selecting their AP or mobile router in the NCC interface. Under the maintenance section, an edit option allows users to define the reboot schedule, specifying the days of the week and the exact time for the reboot.

Via the Local Web GUI

For those preferring or requiring direct device management, the local web GUI offers a similar level of control. Under the "Reboot" settings within the maintenance menu, users can set up their desired reboot schedule.

Cloud and On-Premise

It's important to note that the Scheduled Reboot feature is designed to cater to both cloud-managed and on-premise network environments. The configurations for scheduled reboots are stored locally on the APs, ensuring that the settings are preserved even after the reboot, for uninterrupted service continuity.

Monitoring Reboots

Zyxel Networks understands the importance of transparency and control in network management. Therefore, administrators can easily differentiate between reboots initiated by the schedule and those triggered manually through the event logs. This distinction allows for effective monitoring and management of network devices, ensuring that each reboot serves its intended purpose.


The Scheduled Reboot feature is a testament to Zyxel Networks' dedication to customer-centric innovation. By allowing for automatic reboots, this feature not only addresses specific customer requests but also supports the technical needs of various IoT devices. As we continue to evolve our products and services, we remain committed to enhancing the performance, reliability, and user experience of our networking solutions.