[NEBULA] How do I ban the "LINE" application via gateway ?

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Hi, everyone.

I'm posting from Japan.
I guess I can ban a application via gateway' function. The application name is "LINE". This is a very famous messege tool in Japan.
But I can't find it. Can it be solved?

And, Selecting ban applications is very hard, Because we must choose Drop-Down list.
I wish it will be choose in check-box...


  • JohnM
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    I'm agree with @Yasuto_Kaneko , the selecting part for apps could be improved
  • WebberIT
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    maybe you can try to ban the messenger server IPs first?
  • Zyxel_Irene
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    Hi Yasuto_Kaneko and WebberIT

    You can find the application “LINE” under VoIP services category, and you can reject or drop LINE for Auth., Access, Communication, and Media on NCC.

    @Yasuto_Kaneko, John and WebberIT
    We will enhance the process to select the ban application in the future, and you will see it soon. :smile:
  • SYK
    SYK Posts: 32  Freshman Member

    Thanks a lot! I got it to ban the app! And I will appriciate to see enhanced process!

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