[NEBULA] Several issues with NWA1123 ACv2

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I have several issues with my NWA1123-ACv2 and the Nebula Control Center (NCC).

1. I've just upgraded the firmware to the latest version v5.46(ABEL.0) and now the LED is blinking green, which according to the manual means that the "Wireless LAN is disabled or fails", although there don't appear to be any issues with the wireless LAN. I've tried rebooting the access point but the issue persists.

2. In the NCC client list, two (2) of my FireTV Sticks are showing up in the client list with IP addresses of -- (yes, both devices are showing the same IP address). This IP address is well outside of the scope of my LAN IP range and not representative of the IP address(es) ACTUALLY assigned to the devices. This has been consistent across reboots and appears to have started after upgrading the firmware.

3. In the NCC client list, if I select sort by IP address, it will properly sort IP addresses but if I reload the page with it set to default to sort by IP addresses, it appears that the sorting algorithm is either broken or different. When I click on the "IPv4 address" link to have it sort ascending, it will properly sort x.x.x.23 before x.x.x.221, when I reload the page, it will sort x.x.x.221 before x.x.x.23 (this is unrelated to the firmware)

4. In the dashboard and client usage information the NCC is showing me that one of my IP cameras (which is a low resolution camera) had used > 8GB in the previous 24 hours. I'm not finding any correlating data in my router logs or any indication of that much data use. The camera operates at 640*480 resolution and is not configured to be accessible from outside of the LAN (this is unrelated to the firmware upgrade)


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    Hi @alien8,
    I'll PM you for going through the questions one by one.
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    Hi @alien8,

    Here is the conclusion for the questions.
    Q1. The LED issue has been fixed on a date firmware and it works as expected after upgrading.
    Q2. It's caused by the fire TV might be two IPs and the Nebula AP only record the last IP sent from the client.
    Q3. This issue has been fixed in the last NCC version and the sorting is correct now.
    Q4. Based on the raw data, the counting result shown on the NCC is correct.
    Thanks for your help and sharing us information about these issues.

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