All the options in the WAN interface configuration

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Interface Type: External is for connecting to an external network (like the Internet). The Zyxel Device automatically adds this interface to the default WAN trunk.

Zone: Select the zone to which this interface is to belong. You use zones to apply security settings such as security policy, IDP, remote management, anti-malware, and application patrol. Make sure to select the correct zone as otherwise traffic may be blocked by a security policy.

DHCP Option 60: DHCP Option 60 is used by the Zyxel Device for identification to the DHCP server using the VCI (Vendor Class Identifier) on the DHCP server. The Zyxel Device adds it in the initial DHCP discovery message that a DHCP client broadcasts in search of an IP address. The DHCP server can assign different IP addresses or options to clients with the specific VCI or reject the request from clients without the specific VCI.

Enable IGMP Support: Select this to allow the Zyxel Device to act as an IGMP proxy for hosts connected on the IGMP downstream interface.

Proxy ARP: Select this to allow the Zyxel Device to answer external interface ARP requests on behalf of a device on its internal interface.

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