[ATP/FLEX]How do you setup failover with 2 ISP providers?

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Scenario :

Users may want to set up a dual WAN configuration with two ISPs for WAN failover
purposes in case one of the WAN interfaces fails. This article will guide you
on how to set up this feature.

Answer :

First, please navigate to Site-wide > Configure > Firewall > Interface to check if the firewall is configured for two WAN interfaces for two ISP providers. For example, we set WAN1 and WAN2 with two static public IPs for two ISP providers as shown below:

Second, please navigate to Site-wide > Configure > Firewall > Routing > WAN Load Balancing to enable the Backup interface and select the backup WAN interface. For example, we will use the wan1 interface as the primary interface and the wan2 interface as the backup interface, as shown below: