Weird certificate on brand new Zyxel FWA510

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Hi, I just upgraded LTE3301-Plus router to FWA510 and noticed that WebGUI certificate was expired out of the box. (validity 2013-2023). What caught my attention was weird common name used on that certificate. I will provide picture of this. Does anyone else have any Zyxel devices with these weirds common names? This is first time I encounter something like this.

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    Hi @Lee6 ,

    It seems like that the certificate present on your FWA510 doesn't appear on my tested FWA510. To enhance our support for you, could you please share a video that captures the entire process of logging into the FWA510 GUI and navigating to where the certificate in question is observed? We will replicate the steps you've taken to reproduce the issue.

    Additionally, have you experienced any service disruptions or issues with the FWA510?


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