FWA510 reboots/crashes after enabling 464xlat


I have an issue with FWA 510. I already tried to reset to factory settings with no success of solving the problem.

Right now I’m using 5G (NSA) via Telekom in Germany with the latest Firmware 1.17(ACGD.1)C0 on my FWA 510.

I’m living close to a 5G cell tower with direct sight to it and great signal indoors: My iPhone reaches 1,2Gbit down and 150Mbit up in speedtests. My FWA 510 reaches 950 Mbit down and 150Mbit up most of the time (downstream might be slightly limited because of my ethernet controller though) when using the same sim card. So the signal at home in general is just great.

If I’m using the IPv4 APN (internet.telekom) everything runs fine. I have to reboot the router after approximately 24h manually though because it looses WAN (due to IPv4 limitations of my provider I think) and unfortunately I was not able to find a way for sceduled reboots/reconnects. This is why I wanted to use IPv6.

If I’m using the IPv6 APN (internet.v6.telekom) everything (that is compatible with IPv6) runs fine until I want to enable 464xlat which I still need for some applications („Steam“ for example).

When I enable 464xlat the router starts to REBOOT after every 20min or so (within this time frame IPv4-only-applications like „Steam“ work though). Since it reboots I cannot get anything useful from the log.

Any solution for these 464xlat-related router-crashes?

Best regards

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