How can the system uptime be queried through SNMP on ATP and USG Flex models?

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Scenario :

Users may want to utilize the SNMP feature to query the system uptime and monitor the firewall's operational status. This article will guide you on how to do so

Answer :

Before beginning, please refer to this article: How to set up SNMPv2 on ATP and USG Flex models? to see how to set up the SNMP feature in your network environment.

In this article, we will demonstrate using the MIB browser and the ATP500 model.

Load the MIB file.

Choose the corresponding .MIB file and open it.

Navigate to MIB Tree > > mgmt > Right-click and select "Walk".

Clicking "Walk" will display all Nama/OID values in the mgmt category.

Users can also expand the mgmt > mib-2 > system > sysUpTime > Right-click and select "Get" to query the system uptime directly, as shown below:"