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I'm new to Zyxel Switches and I'm struggling to get a voice vlan setup.  I'm using the default VLAN1 for all my computer traffic but I created VLAN11 for voice.  I am used to using Meraki switches for this configuration in which you set the ports to Access then put in the default VLAN and the Voice VLAN but not finding where to do this on the XGS1930.   I've scoured the guide but not finding what I need.  Can someone point me in the right direction here.  I need to get the phones off of VLAN 1.  

Update - I need to add that I turned on Voice VLAN, designated VLAN11 and set the OUI's for my phones.  However the phones were not grabbing a DHCP address from the pool we setup on that VLAN.  You could see the mac addresses of the phones asking for an address and the DHCP server wasn't able to communicate back.  It has to be something I have set wrong on the ports.  The guide that I downloaded for the XGS1930-52HP doesn't look anything like the configuration options I'm seeing on the Nebula page.

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    Hi @jlarocca ,

    From your description, it seems you already configure voice VLAN for your IP phone OUI, so the Switch will transfer the packet to VLAN 11.
    Since the voice VLAN will tagged out VLAN 11 to IP phone, but IP phone may not recognize the VLAN tagged, that why the IP phone can't get DHCP IP.
    Therefore, the solution is to configure type Access on the port which connects to the IP phone, so the packet from Switch to IP phone will be untagged.

    Hope it helps.
  • jlarocca
    Thanks Jason,  One of my other engineers stated they tried setting ports to access and got the same result.  I'am going onsite this evening and will try this again in the maintenance window.  Will update with results.  

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