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I've been using a pair of PLA 5456 powerline adapters for several years now as a wired connection to a pc in a remote room of the house. I recently added two PLA 6456 units to the network. Adding a single PLA 6456 unit to the line did not allow the single unit to communicate with the PLA 5456 units. The network was working, albeit much more slowly, for about a week. Now, I'm having problems along the whole wired line with extremely low throughput and connection issues.


  1. Are the above listed devices compatible with each other?
  2. The second pair of powerline adapters are connected to an NWA55AXE configured as a wireless access point. Could communication with this unit be incompatible?
  3. I'm not a networking professional, how can I best diagnose the issue?

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    Hi @Machba

    Two products aren't compatible. PLA6456 only can connect to PLA6456.
    I'll suggest pairing both the PLA6456 devices again on the same power extension,after pairing it agian, and plug it into the place where you want to put it.

    Both PLA5456 and PLA6456 can support multiple nodes in one network system.
    You can press the encrypted button for 2 seconds on the Root node and another PLA which is in the other room. Those two PLA will connect to each other, and you can also do the same steps to the second node and third node, and so on to create a network with more than 2 nodes of PLA devices.
    Or you can also create more than one PLA network system in your environment, which you will have to set each two nodes separately to prevent them set in the same network system.
    Please refer to the user guide for detail information: PLA5456 User Guide  PLA6456 User Guide

    The upper router, which the NWA55AXE extended the Wi-Fi from, can be accessed via its web GUI. Please check if PLA devices are able to obtain an IP address from the router first.

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